Why get turned down?

  Current C Consultant Explains Why Banks Turn Down Loan Proposals. Getting shot down can really hurt whether or not that rejection is from a potential lover or the bank. Many business owners know how it feels to be told ‘no’ repeatedly. A surprisingly small number of businesses that apply for funding get loan approvals from their banks. This troubling trend has caused Current C to dive into the issue of small business owners being turned down by banks when they need loans.  Current C L.L.C. Financial consulting services were designed to help businesses find the funding they need by using a network of unconventional lenders, who are funding businesses financial proposals. Here are some things to know about why a bank might turn down your business loan proposals. Risky Business. Lending money to small businesses is going to be seen as a risky undertaking for most banks. Lending money to new business is looked at as too risky as well. Many banks have had to raise their bar for approval
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